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Shok Pods!

For you Sound Quality Folks out there!

Got a kick ass tweeter for your system and want it mounted on your A pillar but HATE TO meddle with fibre glass?

Or know just want something you can bring onto your next car? Fret no more. Shok Industries introduces the Shok Pods! A unique mounting solution for you SQ folks out there.

Mounted on the car’s A pillars, these pods offer a fuss free installation process.

With the Shok pods, you can

1) Adjust the angle of the pods easily. Want to perfect your imaging? just loosen the pod and change the angle. Sure beats having to re-glass your A pillar just to change the angle

2) Pods offer a very clean out look, giving you a stealth SQ setup

3) pods can be resold easily ( good resale value) and they can be transferred to a new car! So changing your car ? Just take out the pods!

If you are a true SQ head, you’ll know the advantages of being able to adjust your tweeter position and angle :)

Current tweeter pods availabe:

1) Morel Tempo/ Dotech/ Hybrid Ovation/ Elate

2) Hybrid Audio Technologies L1/ L1 Pro

Need to order some pods, email us at now! Stop messing around with fibreglass and get yourself the ultimate tweeter mounting solution now!